Ronny Lam


My First Blog at

So here it is. My first blog post. You might say I am a late adapter. A very late adapter even. The same can be said for my use of LinkedIn and Twitter. Last month I told a trainee at my company: “Listen to this old gray man, I regret I started to use LinkedIn only a couple of months ago. I should have started 5 years earlier. Building up your social network and building your portfolio starts NOW.” The guy listened and is now building his portfolio and expanding his network, although he still doesn’t know how to use his network (yet).

My decisions are either black or white, there is no gray. I don’t do anything or I go for it, all the way. Until this year I was against social networking, but now something has changed. Two independent entrepreneurs convinced me of the professionalism of LinkedIn. And I must say they were right. It is a professional network. There is only one thing about LinkedIn I don’t understand: LION’s. I really don’t understand what the use is of a huge “network” of people you don’t know. Well, one day I will find out and maybe understand them.