Ronny Lam


Neighborhood BBQ

Today was the second edition of a long, to be standing, tradition. A neighborhood BBQ for a big part of our street. Maybe street BBQ is a better term? Where we had beautiful weather last year, this year we were in doubt. We did the preparation, building the tents and everything, in very heavy rain. The wind even teared a hole in the green tent in the picture. We had to secure the bouncer to keep it from blowing away.

After these preparations I did a 10k run to pick up the sun. From the moment I got back we enjoyed a nice sunny weather. All the kids where playing on the street which was closed for traffic and the adults couldn’t resist the bouncer. After a nice meal with a lot of meat we put the kids to bed and gathered together round a fire for some after-drinking. Some even tried to play the guitar.

Around midnight we cleared everything, put the tents back in the boxes and moved to our beds. Plans are already made for next year.

photo photo photo photo photo