Ronny Lam


With the Compliments of and to the Dutch Government


This is the Tamiflu the Dutch government gives to people with symptoms of H1N1 or as the government calls it “new influenza A”. In the Netherlands it looks like we are getting milder with countermeasures because the very mild course of the pandemic. We don’t test for the virus, you only have to call your doctor if you are heavily sick, or if you are in a risk-group. Risk-groups are people with respiratory deceases, elderly people, pregnant women and a couple more. With symptoms of H1N1 and my mild asthma I am in a risk-group and thus entitled to getting the government subsidized Tamiflu. The “normal” influenza only affects the upper respiratory tract whereas this H1N1 also affects the lower respiratory tract. The latter gives the risk of respiratory infection if not properly treated. And of course this risk is a bit higher in people with respiratory deceases. The good thing of having H1N1 is that I don’t need the experimental upcoming vaccination. I have made my own antidote. The bad thing is that although I have all the symptoms I am not sure that I have it because we don’t test it.