Ronny Lam


LinkedIn Personal Plus

A couple of weeks ago we got introduced to a new feature at LinkedIn: the Profile Organizer. This is a real great feature. It gives you the possibility to keep profiles you are interested in for whatever reason in private folders so that you can handle with them later. This can be an interesting person for recruitment, a prospect, someone you like to connect with or anything else. LinkedIn is only giving this feature to paid subscribers.

Guess what? I am a paid subscriber. Not the billion dollar a year Business account but a Personal Plus account. This account gives you a bit more than the Free Personal account. Besides the Profile Organizer you get the possibility to send InMails, be part of the OpenLink Network, see more in Who Viewed My Profile, Search for References and a little bit more. This will set you back $60 a year. Is it worth it? I think yes, you get the possibility to use all of the LinkedIn features for not a lot of money.

The strange thing is that LinkedIn does not advertise with or mentions the Personal Plus account at all. So this makes me wonder. Is Personal Plus obsolete? Is it new? I own my account for almost a year now, because my brother in law has the same account. He was pointed at it by a friend. But LinkedIn? They don’t talk about it at all. On the other hand. The account is updated once in a while, hence the addition of the Profile Organizer. You can subscribe to it, so I presume they do support it.

When the Profile Organizer got introduced I sent out two tweets saying:

Very usefull feature @LinkedIn: Profile Organizer Why is it they don’t inform people about availability of PersonalPlus?” and

This accounttype for only $60/yr can be found through Why is that @LinkedIn?”.

This gave no reaction at all, not even from LinkedIn. But this week I saw a blogpost from my LinkedIn friend Neal Schaffer where he asks ”The new LinkedIn Profile Organizer: Worth the upgrade?”. My reply was “At $60/yr for I think it is worth the upgrade. I like the feature.” This lead to a conversation in where Neal subscribed to Personal Plus and wrote a blogpost about his findings.

Does anyone know why LinkedIn is not advertising with Personal Plus? Do you use Personal Plus? Please share your experience.