Ronny Lam


Content Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink

Have you ever been interviewed by a reporter or blogger for a story? How accurately did the final story represent the truth, or what you said?

I’ve learned that talking to the press is like talking to the police — ideally, don’t, since your interests conflict and there’s little to no potential upside for you — but I regularly forget or ignore this wisdom.

Usually, I can sniff out a bad story by the interview request, and I’ll just decline to comment. But sometimes I mistakenly accept a bad interview and give quotes that get distorted, and the resulting story can be pretty far from the truth.

Been there, done that, seen the movie. I try very hard to find out what the real motivation behind an interview is, but still it can bite me in the back. Most of them won’t let you review the article before they publish it and even then, the intentions of the reporter can be different than the ones redacting it.