Ronny Lam


Cut and Paste

Funny, I just read a whole blogpost about a problem I have never ever experienced:

A major annoyance when you use web apps that include a rich text editor is that they don’t have access to the clipboard. Browsers prevent web pages from reading the clipboard or replacing its text and that’s a security feature, but the downside is that apps like Google Docs can’t include functional options for copy, cut or paste in the interface. Of course, you can use the browser’s features, including keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, but not everyone will do that.

Why is that funny? I know that I am keyboard oriented, but the fact that I have to read about this problem without ever having the experience proves that I am even more focused on the keyboard than I ever want to admit. Some people call it maniacal.

There is one more thing that this article is not talking about and that is a very advanced version of a clipboard. Within Google Docs they have implemented a web-clipboard that not only lets you copy and paste within the same browser, but also across browsers and even across computers. One might wonder what the purpose is of that is of course, for you can open the same document on another computer. But still, the technique behind it is very interesting. This time, people like me have another problem. We have to use the mouse instead of the keyboard. It’s the world upside down.