Ronny Lam


Dutch Mobile Operator Rant (Part 2)

Did I mention in my previous post that Dutch Mobile Operators are thieves? In the early days, which are not long ago you used to pay by the minute for your mobile phone. nowadays operators are selling everything in bundles, preferably combined bundles of data and voice combined with a subsidized phone for which you pay double the price over the lifetime and preferably with a minimum of a 2 years contract. If you want to keep the monthly fee within acceptable ranges you only get a handful of minutes and/or messages and a small amount of data. Everything above that you pay abnormal fees, like 30 cents per minute!

Thank god the world is changing as we see new kids on the block offering fixed fee prices without bundles. With a bit of uncertainty about mobile usage this is the way to go. Paying acceptable rates when using calling minutes, without the risk of losing your minutes at the end of the month. Talking about a lock-in!

Strangely enough these new plans are not offered by the prime operators, but by their MVNO’s or mobile virtual network operators. Among them are Rabobank, Albert Heijn and Kruidvat. I hope they will disrupt the market a bit more and bring it back to where we were in the old days. If you want acceptable rates for your voice and messaging have a look at these MVNO’s. You can find cheaper prepaid plans there than subscription based at the prime operators.

The next post will dive into the mobile data market and will also have a look at Droam. A provider of data-roaming plans for very acceptable prices.