Ronny Lam


Cool Datacenter Pictures

This week 2 very nice pictures came by on the Twitter. The first one was a tweet by @alainvanhoof

ā€” Alain van Hoof (@alainvanhoof) June 27, 2012

A day later I saw a post on the Google Enterprise Blog with almost the same picture:

Because of the similarity I of course send the link to @alainvanhoof, with the effect that after a retweet the original photographer @teizz replies. Ain’t this a small world?

@alainvanhoof @RonnyLam I shit you not, die groene server room foto is van mij! 30sec shutter in het donker, google maar eens bellen?

ā€” Mattijs (@teizz) June 29, 2012

By the way, both make a beautiful background. Although I would prefer the first one with a bit more resolution. Which must exist, for it is printed on 3x3 ;-)