Ronny Lam


Google Chromebook Series 5

Here we go, this is day one of my personal 365-day challenge to blog daily. About the same time last year I ended a 400-day streak on where I wrote 750 words a day for more than a year. It included a NaNoWriMo which helped me to write 500.000 words in that time. This upcoming year is not about the quantity but about quality, although I cannot guarantee that everyday. The main language will be English, with a purpose to improve my English writing, but you might see a Dutch post once in awhile. As for the topics, I expect that most will be about://tech. Today we had a good discussion on Google+ about whether to buy or not buy a Chromebook. Of course all the Chromies, including me, were claiming that it is a fantastic device. And I think it is. I use it most of the time for the children. They can safely browse the web, with OpenDNS of course, but they can also not break anything. Except for the device itself.

The one thing that I don’t like about the first generation Chromebook, I have the Samsung series 5, is the slow processor. Everything works, but fine is something different. 720p video is about 40p too much. Large pages with lots of javascript are loading slow including Google+. The latest addition of events almost killed my Chromebook. Not the events itself, but the theme selector which loads more than 15 animated gifs. It slowed down the CPU or the GPU so much that the system was not usable anymore.

My friend +Riel Notermans took the time to create a video about the speed difference between my first generation Chromebook and it’s succesor, the 550.