Ronny Lam


Back to the DSLR

Yesterday in our SNR podcast we spoke about how Marco Arment persuaded me in buying a new . It was an easy persuasion but still, his post wat the last push to ordering a new Nikon D90.

You might say the D90 is not new anymore and that it is the oldest beast in Nikon’s portfolio right now. The reason I chose this on was the right combination of features, price and quality. The feature I needed most was an internal AF-motor in the body. Most of the current entry-level Nikon ‘s don’t have that and the first one, being the D7000, is almost double the price. I have a fair amount of Nikon lenses so that locks me into the Nikon camp, but most of those lenses are of the AF-D type, without an AF-motor in the lens. And since I own some nice heavy large aperture single focal length lenses I didn’t want to throw that money away by buying a motorless body. Because let’s be fair, I know myself good enough to say that I am going to use those lenses a lot less if I have to manual focus them.

I have done a fair amount of photography in the past with al kinds of camera’s, including pinhole. But the most used camera with the most usable and rememberable pictures have been made with a that I returned to the original owner after using it for a couple of years. It was a Nikon D70s and I loved it. Besides that I used an F70 and an F3 for spare, both of them I still have. After I returned it two years ago I made the assumption that I could do with the combination of analog cameras and my iPhone, but I was wrong. I made less and less photos and the quality dropped. Not only the technical quality but formost the artistic quality. Whereby the latter is far more important to me.

This is the first day I have the new (old) D90 and I already very happy with my choice. First and formost the choice to go back to a but second also to choose the D90. It is not the best by current values, but it is the best my money can buy at the moment and it also fits my needs more than enough. _place_holder;

This is day 3 of my challenge to blog everyday and it is automagically published because I am camping with my neighbor. Two dads and four kids are out in the wildernis, if you can speak of that. Nice opportunity to take some pictures ;-)