Ronny Lam



Today and yesterday I did some camping with my neighbor and our four kids, our wifes stayed home because they both don’t like to sleep or live in a tent. We had a lot of fun starting with a very sunny day. My neighbor has not built his tent in 25 years, so after putting my tent up, which is a 6 person igloo, we started on his tent. It is amazing how well it came out. The only thing that needs to be replaced are all the rubbbers. The rest of the tent was in a perfect state.

The first thing we did after building our tents was go to the pool. What is camping without it? Especially with children it is great to have either a pool or a playground on a camping and preferably both. It was a very good thing we did that because the next morning started very wet, as in rain. Kids are not kids if they didn’t want to go to the pool any way but the came back cold, so we put them in the car. The picture on the left is from my daughter (3), which she took with her play-camera. The difference in weather says enough.

We broke down in the rain and took our tents back home wet. Mine is already dry and back in his pouch. Tonight when reading my backlog of news and blogs I found an advertisement which was very interesting. Normally I don’t share these kinds of things, but this one got my attention, especially after my weekendtrip. Who doesn’t want to be paid to travel the world? What is stupid though is that I didn’t click the link. Knowing that it had to do with with the Matadornetwork where I found was enough information for me.