Ronny Lam


Devops Is a Verb, SDN an Enabler

Today I came around F5-devcentral which is a perfect place on the F5 website for engineers and developers to communicate and exchange solutions. Once in a while the term DevOps falls and in my opinion it is basically Developers and Operations people working on the same solution. This post explains it as:

Devops is about continuity; about ensuring continuous delivery. More often than not this focuses on automated and integrated deployment processes enabling rapid elasticity, but that’s just the most obvious use case. Not every process can be automated, nor should they be. Agility is about being able to react; to have processes in place that can efficiently and effectively address challenges that crop up from time to time.

With NetYCE I work with a lot of companies on exactly this problem. Our tool supports Architects, Engineers and Operations people by working on the same database with a virtual model of the network. This virtual network in a box gets pushed out to the real life network. We have worked with several companies and we have encountered the same thing several times now. Our solution supports those different networking groups working together, but we have seen several times now that we felt it was the first time that those groups were sitting at the same table talking about there mutual problems. So we can definitely agree that DevOps is a verb and tooling is enabling sometimes enforcing things.

Speaking about enabling. DevOps is a server thing, and networking is historically lagging. But with the latest addition of Software Defined Networking the server and networking world come together. This post puts it as:

The programmability of infrastructure, for example, can enable devops to put into place processes that define how IT reacts to emerging threats. This is one of the promises of SDN and OpenFlow – that the network can adapt to external pressures and events through programmatic intervention. With generally new and unknown threats, there’s no immediate remediation available and no button operations can push to deploy a preventive measure against it. Programmatic intervention is necessary.

With SDN and other network overlay solutions these worlds come together, so in the end we will have one big happy party of server and network, developers and engineers. The future is getting very clear on this point. Now it is only a matter of execution.