Ronny Lam


Spaghetti and Lasagna Networking

Today, at NetYCE, we had a great discussion about Spaghhetti networks. I already presented at the SDN Carrier Cloud Summit that we need to make them into Lasagna networks. But the main question is: how do you get there?

The first thing that comes to peoples minds is that you can’t make lasagna out of spaghetti and that you need to buy new lasagna. But for most networks that is unrealistic, just because of the huge amount of legacy and the investment in time and effort that is needed. So we need to think of intermittent solution that doesn’t force companies to invest and migrate to new networks nor do they have to drastically change their current architecture.

We figured out that it is possible to put one sheet of lasagna on top of the spaghetti as an abstraction layer, call it a network overlay. After that it is possible to rearrange the spaghetti piece by piece, service by service, until you have organized the spaghetti in such a way that it looks, functions and tastes like lasagna. Each service that is modeled into lasagna can be managed and provisioned as lasagna. Whereby during the next life-cycle replacement of the network you really replace the spaghetti with lasagna.