Ronny Lam


4 Links About Internet Presence and Children

Today, I didn’t browse that much on the internet, but somehow 3 very interesting video’s and one Dutch radioshow got my attention. They are totally different but also have one common theme: are you aware of your presence on the internet and, even worse, of your children’s presence and activities?

1. Do children care about their privacy on the internet?

The first one I found via the excellent blog “X, Y or Einstein”. Some children are not aware what they are sharing on the internet and what the consequences are.

Link: Do children care about their privacy on the internet?

2. Farewell Facebook, about digital suicide on the internet.

This one made me really think, about me, but also about others, my children. What are we doing on Facebook, and any other Social Network for that matter? What are we sharing and why? How important are likes, +1’s and comments? My goal with this question is not to stop with all this, but merely to be more conscious about the why, what and how?

Link: Farewell Facebook

3. TED Talk: a vision of crimes in the future.

This TED Talk by Marc Goodman blew me away, literally. It makes very clear how technology is advancing and how criminals and terrorists are putting it to use. The authorities are not one step behind, but one hundred. And where the good guys are being stopped by politics and borders, the bad guys are not. I will make the best quote from the Talk the link to it:

Link: A search engine can determine who shall live and who shall die.

4. Stop loverboys, and lovergirls!

Tonight I was listening to the Radio when I did my bike training. I was listening to PS Radio on 3FM where the subject was on loverboys. Two girls, victims, where in the studio and talked about how it all started, why it was hard to get out and how they finally managed to get out. They also interviewed a Police Officer that is specialized in human trafficking. Raising 2 daughters this item frightened me the most, especially in combination with the other items. It is very refined what these guys do, and they find their victims more and more on the internet. While the other items have subtitles this radioshow is only in Dutch:

Link: Uitzending gemist: 3FM PS Radio about loverboys