Ronny Lam


The Last Post on Google+

I just did my Last Post on Google+. The platform is going into quarantine for now, my profile might be completely deleted later. Why am I leaving the platform?

Ghost Town

This not the reason. I like the community on Google+, it is a bit more techie than on the other platforms. The community is small, my circles are small and I am 90% of the posts communicating with the same people. The platform has evolved, in my opinion from a Twitter alternative to a Facebook alternative. People share photos, videos and links. I prefer quality in my feed, informational posts and links to news. The last time most of my feed is filled with more or less funny pictures. Things I am not waiting for. But still, if this was the only thing I would not leave.

Mobile Platform

I have an iPhone 3GS. While I am waiting for the iPhone 5, or whatever the name will be, this one is working fine. Agreed, iOS5 and the next iOS6 are not making it faster. Part of the features are not anymore supported on the 3GS. In my experience the combination of a slow CPU in combination with too little memory does not allow for multi-tasking, so killing as much background processes as possible helps me a lot. Both the Google+ app and the mobile webapp however are not working smoothly on my iPhone. But the worst thing is that the native app is build like a photo-app. Google+ used to be about text and information, but is evolving more and more into a multi-media thing. The combination of speed and pictures is one of the reasons for me to leave.

Google+ webapp

The main Google+ platform has evolved and has undergone multiple iterations which have not made the app better. Design and functionality is a personal taste so I won’t go into that. But site performance has really gone down. The thing is a huge javascript memory hogger which can best be experienced on Google’s own revolutionary Chrome-OS platform. Yes, I am using the 1-year old Samsung series 5 platform, which is not the best performer. But the platform is also slow, compared to other sites, on my MacBook. The reason? I think the same one, a combination of both javascript and lots of pictures and multimedia. The latest addition of events really blew me away. Not only the fact that it makes the platform more Facebook like, but also the fact that a simple thing as theme selection almost kills the performance on my ChromeBook. Loading 15+ animated gifs is not useful at all.

That’s why

Is it really fair to blame Google+ for using slow hardware myself? I think it is especially in the case of the Chromebook. That in combination with the focus of Google+ going in the wrong direction makes me going into passive mode, putting Google+ in quarantine. Will I be brave enough to completely delete my profile? We’ll see, but for now, The Last Post…