Ronny Lam


Traveling by Historic Train and Boat

Today a non-technical story about my journey today with a historic boat and a more historic steam-tram. Which is to say “non-technical”, but it is remarkable how much and how good the engineering in these means of transport is. All with the good love and care of volunteers that really like to work on these things.

The MS Friesland used to carry passengers from Harlingen to Texel and Terschelling. This service started in 1956 and ended somewhere in the 1980’s when it got replaced by a more modern ship. It started in Enkhuizen in 2002 and is being maintained primarily by volunteers. I must admit that I didn’t see the engine, but the thing was running very smooth and had no problem moving us through the very hard wind.

The steam-tram we had today was being pulled by the ”Bello”, which is reaching it’s 100’s birthday in 2015. It was extraordinary that the Engine was running on a normal weekday because normally the Engine is only being used on special occasions and the tram is being pulled by younger, sometimes Diesel, Engines. The “Bello” has always been in service in the same region, until 1955, when it stopped being used and became a monument in Bergen.

In 1978 the “Bello” was being sold for one guilder to the museum tram- line which started restaurating it. The museum tram-line started a few years later and is riding at least one time a day during the year. I can really recommend this trip although I wish you a bit better weather than I had.