Ronny Lam


The Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast

Two weeks ago I got introduced to a new podcast, The Infinite Monkey Cage, by Sam Rijver. I quickly listened to the latest episode and my first impression was: wauw, this is cool stuff. But I also thought: this is very technical and fast paced English, will I be able to follow it?

Today, two weeks later, I put the earliest episodes on my phone and went for a bike-training. And the conclusion is: it is fast paced, but I was really able to follow it. I listened to the first three episodes and liked it a lot.

What is The Infinite Monkey Cage?

It is a great mixture of science and humor, without trying to popularize the science. I hate shows that try to build a reputation on popular science. No, not these guys, Brian Cox and Robin Ince, they are the scientists themselves with all the in crowd jokes and everything. They know what they talk about, but they also know what makes science hard. The best thing of all is that they have great guests, all scientists, that bring some nice to knows to the discussion.

I can really recommend this podcast with 5 stars, very good BBC material!