Ronny Lam


Wii and the RaspberryPi

Due to circumstances we are not going on a vacation this year. The main reason being family expansion. So in order to give the children a bit of a special vacation feeling we thought of buying a game console. But then comes a problem, although I know a lot about computing, I know absolutely nothing about gaming. So in order to get an advice to base my decision on I consulted the Twitter. I know I have a lot of followers who are gamers so almost immediately I got some answers back. Well, more questions to be exact, because it seems to depend on the children’s age what you should buy. After giving that away the answer was easy. From multiple sources I got the advice to buy the Wii. The pack with sports and party should be fun to start with, but stubborn as I am I ordered the blue Wii with Sonic and Mario at the Olympics in London and Sports Resorts that also holds an extra WiiMote+.

But, as you might expect with my geek followers on Twitter, I got another advice. An advice I have given thought myself many times before, so this was only the drop that filled the bucket. RaspberryPi is a very lowpriced minicomputer that has a lot of educational value. The same goes for the Arduino which is a bit less of a computer, but more of a logic electronics platform. I have looked at the Raspberry long before the introduction, but somehow I was held back because of production- and delivery issues. I can’t stand to order something and have to wait ten weeks to get it delivered. But since I think the RaspberryPi might be a lot of fun to build things with, and for educational purposes, I just ordered two of them. At least one of them is going to be a Google Cloud Print Server. And the other is going to be of general purpose, although it might end up with my son as his desktop “PC”.

We’ll have a lot of fun this vacation with the Wii at least and maybe with the RaspberryPi, if it gets delivered in time. Enjoy the holidays!