Ronny Lam


The Infinite Google Cage

8 days ago I decided to leave Google+, and yesterday I decided it should be definite. So I went to the account page of my Google profile and hit the downgrade button. I got presented the above choice which was not very clear to me. “Learn more” gave me somewhat more information but not enough, because to me “Delete Google+ content” would only delete the content and not the profile and “Delete your entire Google profile” would delete as it says everything including Gmail and stuff. So I went to Twitter to ask what to do and the basic answer was: hit cancel and stay.

But do I want to stay. In my black and white world you only stay if you are participating and obviously you don’t stay if you don’t. I don’t want to be a ghost account for my believe is that 50% of Google+ consists of ghost accounts which are never posting or participating in any way. It gives Google+ a successful image which it is in fact not.

After long debating, mostly with myself, I decided not to delete my account and also to get out of quarantine. Om not going to be as active as I was before, but there are a couple of people that really make it worthwhile to stay. And if I look around and through the multimedia it is still a promising platform with a lot of geeks on it.

I am trapped in The Infinite Google Cage