Ronny Lam


The Arrival of the Raspberry Pi

Today my Raspberry Pi arrived, two of them. It is maybe not the world smallest computer, but it is the world smallest “mass”-production computer. With a pricetag of $35 it is also the cheapest computer that is fully functional as such. The goal of this thing is not to sell it to grandma and grandpa, but the main goal is to use it for education and for the third world. It runs Linux on an ARM-processor with 256MB memory on board. Which is not much if you want to do large scale video editing, but is more then enough if you want to learn coding and to understand the internals of a computer. Because just as some children are saying that milk comes from the supermarket some others claim that computers are made in Cupertino.

My goal with these is two-fold. One is to learn my children that there is more than the userinterface vendors are giving us. I thing we’re gonna end up with some nice projects, which might need for instance a Gertboard or integrate with Arduino. The second thing is that I have a very good, networked, HP-Laserprinter. The feature that are missing from it are Airprint, to print from our iOS devices, and Google Cloud Print, to print from Chrome(book). I found some room inside the printer where the Raspberry Pi will fit and together with a usb wireless interface I will modernize my printer to current standards.

I am very happy to have them because when I ordered them the website informed me that I had to wait 19 weeks to get it. The information after ordering it brought it down to only 6 weeks, but I was astonished that 2 days ago I got an email that my order was shipped. From 19 weeks to only 5 days delivery time, that’s a great improvement!

Last but not least, for one of the cards I am going to order the 3d-printed box in the picture. It is from PiBow and fits the Raspberry Pi real nice. It also adds to the fun of doing these projects together with my kids!