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Nokia S40 Feature Phone

Normally I am an iPhone user. As you may or may not know, I have an iPhone 3gs and am waiting for the 5 or whatever name it might get, let’s call it the next iPhone ;-)

As a backup phone I use a very dumb phone, the Motorola F3 which can only call and text, but has a real nice e-ink screen. And in between thos two I use the Nokia 6303 with Symbian S40. The main reason is that I use it as a sports phone and it plays MP3 podcasts and Radio as backup. But tonight I thought I might make it a bit smarter than that. There is a prepaid data SIM in it so I thought of adding things like mail and Twitter to it.

It has been a while since I last used Symbian, S40 and S60, but I can’t remember that it was so much work to get this thing to work. Adding the data took me a while to find out, but I finally managed to get a GPRS connection. Strange, because the provider settings sent by SMS didn’t seem to work. The next thing was mail. I wanted to have two Google Apps accounts on it, both are using two-step authentication. One account was already configured to allow IMAP, so this one worked easy and fast. But I started, of course, with the wrong one. First to find out that POP and IMAP was completely disabled for users by the administrator (me), and after enabling that and waiting 20 minuted for it to work for the users finding out that the phone is not using POP3 but IMAP so also enabling that as a user.

Than I added, just for fun, the brand new Twitter client for Nokia S40. But not after the OVI-store got update from 1.7 something to 3.4 way higher. I was then able to find Twitter in the OVI-store, install it, start it and configure my credentials.

Nokia S40 test tweet

— Ronny Lam (@RonnyLam) July 29, 2012

Going back to this phone and configure it set me back 5 years or so. It made me realize that we have come really far with smart-phones. And it made me appreciate my old iPhone even more.