Ronny Lam


Olympic WiFi Police?

Something you won’t see on TV, this is the Olympics Wi-Fi Police. They seek unauthorized wifi signals & shut them down.…

— Sadao Turner Esq. (@SadaoTurner) August 1, 2012

This tweet went around the Twittersphere multiple times today and got traction on the mainstream media without proper investigation. Multiple news sites, including Dutch, mentioned this tweet saying that it is illegal to create your own access-point on your mobile phone and have to use the Olympic WiFi exclusively provided by BT. Which seems to cost around €8,= for 90 minutes.

But in reality this isn’t the WiFi Police and this device is not designed for WiFi. These Officials are searching for interference in frequencies which seems more plausible with all the equipment and media in the Olympic arena. Only a couple of sites, like Pocket-lint, picked that one up, simply by contacting the London Organizing Committee and Ofcom.

It is interesting to see how Twitter and Social Media in a broad sense is changing the Olympics. With two athletes already sent home for tweeting content not allowed by the Olympic Committee we sure want to believe stories like these and although it sounds very believable you don’t want to imagine Police hunting for hotspots. I expect there to be many and it is impossible to find and beat them all, because most of them are just too low powered.