Ronny Lam


End of the Olympics, End of the Holidays

The Olympic Games are over. We, the Netherlands, scored not bad. I especially liked the Women’s Hockey Final. Fantastic that we prolonged our Olympic title. But the Men’s Hockey Final was a bit disappointing. After a monster score against Great Britain in the half finales we lost the finale to Germany. I don’t know who it was, but I heard an ex-hockey woman say that ”Bronze is better than Silver, because with Bronze you win the last match and with Silver you lose it”. Gold medals for swimming were a bit expected but the ones for surfing and the athletics high bar where of course great. The closure of the Olympics today ends another sports summer and the holidays of the first part of our country. Tomorrow we’ll start school and work again. The weather this summer can be summarized as an early autumn. Even the leaves falling of the trees agree. Since this happened the last two summers also I expect this year to have a very good after-summer. We were lucky to do some sailing and camping on our ship between the showers. Let’s start hoping for a great summer 2013 and while we are on it a great Olympics 2014 although the winter Olympics is not really our thing.