Ronny Lam


42. The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

Since this is the 42nd post in my personal 365 day blogging challenge I couldn’t resist devoting this one to Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

When I used this answer at a presentation at the SDN/Carrier Cloud Summit in June I learned a new answer. But first let me explain how I came to the answer of 42. Since I was the last speaker at this conference I had the possibility to draw some conclusions. Since almost every other speaker before me presented his own definition of SDN (Software Defined Networking) the only conclusion I could make was:

SDN = Cloud = Everything = Nothing

When I tweeted that the night before my presentation I got one simple reply back: 42?

And that was it! Since SDN and 42 are the ultimate answer we still have the find the ultimate question. In the case of 42 it failed, because minutes before the ultimate question got computed the earth exploded. But we still might find it for SDN.

Now for the interesting alternative. Yaakov Stein, CTO of Radcom, was listening to my presentation and immediately got a flashback of The Hitchhiker’s Guide. Afterwards we had a great discussion and laugh, because he could paraphrase almost every good detail from the books. But he also learned me that 42 is not the ultimate answer, it is 137.

But for that I want to point you to this great, but long, read!