Ronny Lam


Mickey Airlines Blog Recommendation

Ralf van Dooren has been my colleague for almost 12 years. We worked together at Telekabel/UPC and I later recruited him to Snow. I still don’t know who started what, but at some time both Ralf and our CEO were in Pilot training. From the start of his practical lessons Ralf also started his blog about his practical lessons into aviation. I am not sure about his theory.

I followed his blog from the beginning. Partly because I envy him, I would love to fly myself, and do that sometimes with one of my relatives. But Ralf invested time and money to turn himself into a real Aviator. It’s all about priorities, my time will come.

His blog is about his pilot training, still subtitled that way, his first flights alone, tours through the Netherlands, the dying of a fellow Aviator, his marriage in a plane, or was it to a plane?, and more… But the most impressive posts are about flying in foreign, sometimes exotic, countries. Just like I want to run in every country Ralf goes for a flight in every country. The stories about those flights are good to read, there is always something to learn. Not only for him, but also for us. A good pilot never stops learning is his motto. I can especially endorse his pictures. They sometimes give me the feeling I have been flying there myself.

And that is something that only an outstanding written blog can do, see for yourself: