Ronny Lam


Apple Won, Now Move Along...

Apple has won from Samsung, declared by a US federal jury for major patent violation. The award is a whopping 1.049.343.540 dollar and of course we can expect Samsung to appeal. But is that a good thing?

While I totally agree that Samsung acts like a copycat to me, I hate the fact that Apple claims, and can claim, a lot of inventions and patents. Apple didn’t invent most of the things they make but Apple is very good at refining and mix those in a very good quality product. They are also the first to patent these things. Sometimes those are things like “pinch to zoom” or “double-tap to zoom”. And in my opinion those are the patents that have such a broad definition that we shouldn’t want them. Apple won on these kind of patents.

Why can’t it be that a good idea of one company can be used by another company? Right now you can, if you pay, but wouldn’t it be better if you could just use those ideas, without paying? Then there would be some kind of border if you just copy everything, like Samsung did. So in the end I think we need some kind of patent system.

My suggestion for Samsung would be to pay up and continue work. So every company can start inventing cool stuff again. It only adds them around 20 dollars per device. Which is not a lot of money for shameless copying.

Will this hit Android? I believe so. But where does this end then? I don’t know, but I hope soon. So we don’t have to see cartoons like these in the future anymore: