Ronny Lam


Markdown All Over the Place

Markdown discussion

We had a great discussion on Google+ about the use of Markdown and Blogging. The opinion is broadly that Markdown is very easy in use, it is portable and reusable. And you can use it in any text-editor, whereby I must admit that I prefer an editor with a live preview.

Markdown Syntax

Like I said in my previous post, there are numerous places on the web where you can learn the Markdown syntax. The one at Daring Fireball is amongst the most complete. Which is logical considering John Gruber is the inventor of Markdown.

Markdown Workflow

Since I now found a cool way of working with Markdown I am considering to use it everywhere starting with writing all of my blog posts is Markdown. Doing that will make my blog content very portable and very easy to move across the web. I don’t want another challenge like the one when Posterous got acquired by Twitter.

Writing everything in Markdown and converting it to the appropriate platform makes it very easy to stay the owner of the content and keep transporting it to where ever you want. And a webserver that eats Markdown files will of course be the best.

Markdown Raspberry Pi

The idea of a static blogging platform sounds so good to me that I consider to build it on my Raspberry Pi and serve it from home. It might not become my primary platform, but for the fun of it, yeah!