Ronny Lam


Luxaflex Hack

Maybe a strange topic this time. This weekend I was visiting some friends who installed Luxaflex in their house. As we all know it is a very popular product for both window decoration and privacy but also for keeping the sun out and making it really dark. Luxaflex has a lot of products and it seems like the old horizontal blinds are not in the top 10 anymore.

Anyway, these friends had the Luxaflex® Variozone™ installed which, as you can see in the image, have two or more different angles for the blinds. And this interested me a lot, because I have Luxaflex installed at the windows in front of my house. The ground floor in particular, you can look right in or you cant look out. But if you change the angle of the bottom blinds a little bit you can add some privacy while still look outside.

Luxaflex® Variozone™

The hack I thought of was very simple. At the right hight I made a tiny knot on all the inside ropes raising the inside of the bottom blinds about 3 millimeter. This way I can close the bottom enough to add some privacy while I am still able to look outside over it. And if I turn further I can still close everything.

The only downside to this hack is that I can now only close the thing one way instead of two. When I turn it all the way to the other side the top part closes, but I can not close the bottom completely. But I hardly use that side, because I can see the Sky between the blinds.I prefer to look down on the street with blinds closed.

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