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Moving around

From Posterous to Wordpress to Blogger and finally to I have been moving around my data several times. With several malformations of my content. The problems with these sites are that export and import capabilities are limited, especially in combination with images. And it is even worse when you depend on for example gallery containers from the different services. If you are lucky you can export an xml-file with all your posts and maybe all your comments, but the images are a different beast.

Data loss

I started my blog on Posterous which was convenient to setup, convenient to import to, and convenient to use. But when Twitter acquired Posterous it was time to move on. There was no export button. The Posterous devils made it easy to get in but difficult to get out. But had a tool to import from a Posterous blog. That worked well, but all the images were still on Posterous, and I didn’t want to stay on Wordpress. So the next thing was to export from Wordpress to an xml-file and import that one to Blogger. Some content got malformed and the images were still elsewhere. With several hours work I got it resolved, but it wa no fun.


I have liked Blogger a lot, but it is Google, it is bulky and it is not customisable the way I want it. I didn’t consider leaving until I met last week. It was love on first sight. Markdown files in a Dropbox converted into a blog. And the good the about Markdown is that it is portable. From now on all my new posts, and the ones from my personal 365 days blogging challenge, will be in Markdown. So I can use them from any Markdown blog, including Second Crack.


But that doesn’t solve the images problem. Yes, they are in one place if you want them there. But for portability reasons I am going to use data-urls, inline images. So the images will be part of the Markdown. I won’t explain data-urls in this post, but you can read all about them here. From now on my blog can move around very easy. Yeah!