Ronny Lam


Split or Combined Loop

1997: Palm

I have been using Personal Information Management (PIM) devices since 1997. Starting with a Palm III, followed by the Handspring Visor and the Palm Vx. All that time I had them together with a mobile phone, mostly Nokia, and used the Infrared connection to connect via Dial-up to the Internet.

1999: Nokia Communicator

The Nokia Communicator 9110 was the first device for me to combine a Phone with PIM functionality. And although I did like the form-factor of the brick, I hated the Symbian operating system. Thank god, I didn’t abandon my Palm Vx, because within months I exchanged the Communicator with a Siemens S25. Back to split functionality with IR connectivity.

2003: Handspring Treo 270

This was a great device. It had all the features of the Palm combined with phone functionality. Calling could only be done through a headset, which was not a problem for me and Internet access was still dial-up.

2005: Handspring Treo 600

Another great device. Just like the 270 a Palm combined with a phone. I bought this thing because I broke my 270. This thing had a bit more the form-factor of a phone,you could hold it to your ear, but the biggest difference to me was the screen. I just loved the front-light screen of the 270 where you could turn of the light in daylight and therefore safe a lot of battery power. It was succeeded by the 650 which could do GPRS.
And I think this was the last Treo with PalmOS, because after that it was all windows based, which went downhill for Palm.

2008: Apple iPod Touch

The iPhone got introduced the year before, but I didn’t like the price point and was reluctant about the phone itself. But it seemed that the OS was great and the eco-system was growing. I felt like trying when the iPod touch came out, and it was love at first sight. Back to split functionality, which felt good. Internet via Wifi, which was at most places.

2009: Apple iPhone 3gs

I had to give back the company iPod touch, because I was leaving at that time. But I loved iOS so much that I went straight for the 3gs. Back to combined functionality. Loved and used the device until today. iOS5 is making the device slower and the scratches scream to replace the thing. But I must also admit that in the last year, when I split my data and voice subscriptions I split the functionality sometimes.

2012: Apple iPad 3,iPod touch, mini or iPhone 5?

I am locked in the Apple eco-system, that’s for sure. iOS still serves me great. But I have a lot of choices now. One is a €250,= discount coupon on an iPad 3, but I think it is too big. I like the new iPod touch, specs are great, an iPhone 4s with iPhone 5 screen. Will there be an iPad mini next month? I would love that form-factor. And then there is the, unlocked very expensive, iPhone 5.

To be continued…