Ronny Lam


Why Apple-Samsung Proves That the Patent System Can Work

I hate the patent system. Not the system itself, but the result of it. Companies fighting and suing each other with way too general written patents. But I also see a good thing in patents. Somehow I want to acknowledge that a company invested time and money in research and development in order to invent, design or find a new solution or product. And it is this argument that I found in this well written post on the blog of another Silicon Valley Company.

Cisco Blog:

The Apple-Samsung case not only proves that our system can still work but also reflects the genius behind our patent system, which allows true innovators to protect the value of their inventions from imitators for a limited period of time, in return for making the nature of their inventions public.  This litigation represents exactly what the Founding Fathers were hoping would be the effect of the patent system when they incorporated it into the Constitution so many years ago.

Yes, it is a bit US-centric, but the argument is clear.