Ronny Lam


Why the Internet of Things Needs ‘curated Openness’

Is this the answer to open-ish?

And to all the Apple and Android diehards out there, Marineau-Mes said that neither of those platforms are the answer. iOS is too closed, he explained, while Android is so open it tends to create silos of developers who just go off and do their own thing. The answer is something he calls “curated openness” — essentially the standardization of a few core functions to ensure that data can move freely between apps and that apps can move freely across our devices, whether those are phones, tablets, refrigerators or cars.

I bet that some developers and users will still perceive curated as closed. Everyone has his or her own wishes and if they can’t pass curation the platform will be perceived as closed. In my opinion iOS is just that. Within controlled boundaries you can create almost anything.