Ronny Lam


Nook E-reader Goes HD

Barnes & Noble on Wednesday took the wraps off two new models of its Nook e-reader, an Android-based tablet designed to go head to head with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and other inexpensive e-readers and tablets. The Nook HD and HD+ cost $199 and $269 respectively.

These are not e-readers, these are tablets, running Android. E-readers are in my opinion e-ink readers, just like the simple touches. E-readers have a passive screen which does not strain the eye. Tablets have an active screen, with an e-reader application, if you need it.

The Nook simple touches, with or without glowlight, are Nook’s real e-readers. Very nice alternatives to the Kindle if you ask me. The strength of these devices is not in the device alone, but in the eco-system. Both B&N and Amazon are leaders in that.

I am not saying I don’t like the design of these new tablets. They are great, with a great resolution, good for e-reading. But in my opinion too heavy to take them to bed, even the 7-inch. Let alone all the light that the thing emits in the dark. The 9.5-inch sports a nice hole for a snap hook. Giving it a nice way to personalize your Nook.