Ronny Lam


Why Compact Discs Sound Great, Even After 30 Years

Ken Rockwell is not only a great photographer with a very interesting blog about photogear, but he is also an audiophile. Since today is the thirtieth birthday of the CD, he devoted a rather large post about why the CD-format is still superior to everything else currently available:

Philips dubbed the Compact Disc as “Perfect Sound Forever,” and they weren’t kidding. My 30-year-old CDs still sound incredible, and lost to history after video replaced music in the late 1980s for most people’s home entertainment is that CDs still offer the best possible sound today, still representing a completely transparent window to the original recording.

But there is one thing he does not mention in his blog. The CD is invented by Philips in the Netherlands and during development there was some discussion about the size of the hole in the middle. Then someone laid a “dubbeltje”, 10 dutch guilder cents, on the table. And the rest is history… cd-dubbeltje