Ronny Lam


Josh Centers' Email to Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, and Daniel Mead

Josh Centers has done a very good job nailing down a potential problem in iCloud data usage. It is not yet clear whether it is related to the iPhone5, iOS6, Verizon or LTE, but the relationship with iCloud is very clear now. It uses about 1kilobyte per second of cellular data when the iPhone is connected to WiFi.

Just now, I emailed Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Scott Forstall, VP of iOS software at Apple, and Daniel Mead, CEO of Verizon. I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I think this iCloud bug is a big enough deal to warrant top-level attention. If left unchecked, it will lead to enormous data overages for customers, strain on Verizon’s network, and yet another PR nightmare for Apple.