Ronny Lam


NaNoWriMo Wake-up Call

I just received this wake-up call from NaNoWriMo:

Time to wake up, because it’s October, and even non-Wrimos know what that means: that is’ almost November. For us it also means that the time is almost upon us to chain ourselves to our keyboards for a month to make sure that we can keep on writing, even when well-meaning family members try to drag us outside. And for those who, for whatever reason, intend to write their novel by hand it probably means that they’re about to glue a pen to their one hand and a pad of paper to their other hand… for the same reason.

The question is: will I attend this year or not? Apart from writing 50.000 words it will be a very busy month. All excuses you can say, but the reality is that a stork will deliver a package around the first of november. And business-wise it won’t be quiet also. So I think I will pass this year and leave the participants badge for others.

For those that do attend this year: have fun! If you plan for 1750 every day, starting on the first night, you will have some slack in the end.