Ronny Lam


Home Automation and the 'Internet of Things'

The ‘Internet of Things’ has been a buzzword for an increasingly networked world where everything from the refrigerator to the lamp in the household would end up with an IP address. While this hasn’t  become a reality yet, we are slowly, but surely, moving towards this vision. In this piece, we will first briefly explore the history of home automation technologies, followed by why we believe Wi-Fi is placed well towards becoming the next HA standard.

A great article by Anandtech about the ‘Internet of Things’. And it is true, we are seeing more and more devices with the need for an IP address. Not only for communication within the house, but also to phone home to a vendor. Outside the house we are seeing this more and more in cars, where it needs cellular networks instead of Wifi. Public infrastructure like street lights and traffic systems are also wireless networking more, either wifi or cellular.

A real miss in this article is that the ‘Internet of Things’ is driving the need for IPv6. When more and more devices need an IP address the pool of IPv4 does not sustain much longer, and private addressing with NAT brings it’s own challenges.