Ronny Lam


IBM's OpenFlow Controller: Big Blue Eyes SDN's Application Layer

Now here’s one way to look at why we need SDN:

“So you have a bag of protocols to solve problems, and they are very complicated and CLI-driven. The administration is very complex because in order to achieve certain networking goals you have to manage down to the ACL, the VLANs, and do all kinds of traffic engineering. With IBM PNC, you get to this new paradigm where there’s an opportunity to create a new, programmable data center. Here we can apply abstractions to the interfaces on the network to simplify the way these services are deployed.”

But all things fair: I think it is a good thing IBM is entering the SDN market. First of all it’s a message that we have to take SDN seriously, but second it is a good thing to see IBM entering the networking arena, and not with a standard portfolio.

The pricing is tough though, but then again, IBM has never been on the low side. The only hope I have is that it’s worth it. I expect a descent set of features and scalability for that price.