Ronny Lam


Stratosphere: Mission Accomplished, Marketing Hype: Done!


I just watched the livestream of Felix Baumgartner going to the stratosphere, at 5 meters a second. I would have thought that was going faster, but at this speed it took him a little more than 2 hours. Everything took more time, because after the delay of a couple of days it took some more hours today to get the right weather conditions.

But then finally, everything was fine and we had a lift-off. What a great view we had from the capsule. I can’t wait to see the rest of the footage. After 2 long hours climbing, the capsule finally stopped at 39 kilometers, after releasing some helium. We will not know what would have happened if they didn’t release the helium.

After releasing pressure from the capsule, Felix opened the door and jumped. In a free fall of more than 4 minutes he reached almost 1200 km/h. Until now it is unconfirmed if that was Mach-1. He then opened his parachute and landed 4 more minutes later in the neighborhood of Roswell airport, where he launched.

Sitting on the tip of my chair I enjoyed the whole trip, but afterwards I felt a bit disappointed. Two and a half hours of my life gone, watching a man climbing to space very slowly and then falling to the earth very quickly. I bet the marketing recap will be amazing. I think it will be available in the near future on