Ronny Lam


Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong

Some time around 2003 or maybe 2004, the social web really kicked into gear, and thereafter the web’s users began to connect with each other more and more often. Before that we had instant messenger and chat rooms and ICQ and USENET forums and email. My whole Internet life involved sharing links with local and Internet friends. How was I supposed to believe that somehow Friendster and Facebook created a social web out of what was previously a lonely journey in cyberspace when I knew that this has not been my experience? True, my web social life used tools that ran parallel to, not on, the web, but it existed nonetheless.

A good article about the unmeasurable social web, which exists of IRC, SMS, email and more. Before Twitter and the like we were social on a lot of media, in my case mostly on IRC, but somehow the start of the social web is around 2004. So we are denying anything social before that and anything social that is unmeasurable. I do have to agree that this is wrong.