Ronny Lam


EU Data Chiefs Ask Google to Change Privacy Policy

Leading the inquiry on behalf of Europe, France’s data protection watchdog had already questioned the legality and fairness of Google’s new privacy policy, introduced in March. This consolidated 60 privacy policies into one and pooled data collected on individual users across its services, including YouTube, Gmail and its social network Google+. Users cannot opt out.

This is not the first time the EU is asking Google to change their privacy policy. The EU didn’t agree before the introduction, but Google just proceeded introducing this.

The privacy policy is not the only thing that is concerning. The other thing is that Google is concolidating their services and is using the crappy service Google+ to glue it all together. Users cannot opt-out of the privacy policy, but user can also not opt-out of Google+ if they want to use certain services like Youtube.

Google has a great service, but is definitely going in the wrong direction with pushing services. Another example of that is gmail results in Google search, which is currently in field-trial on opt-in basis. I’m afraid things like these will be pushed upon us in the future.