Ronny Lam


New Google Chromebook Is $249, Dumps X86 for ARM

Google and Samsung are giving Chromeboook a mighty big makeover – smaller screen, lower price and something unexpected: ARM processor. Say goodbye to x86, baby, and hello to $249 selling price, which is $200 less than Samsung’s Series 5 550 model. The architectural change comes as Microsoft and its OEM partners prep ARM-based Windows RT computers for release in just eight days.

This is a punch under the belt for Microsoft and even Apple. I like this version very much and consider it a viable option for the iPad and even the Macbook. I am using my old Chromebook series 5 more than I use my Macbook. I wonder what the thing will cost in Euros, but I expect it to be €250. Somehow in tech the conversionrate is still 1:1.