Ronny Lam


Chrome OS, Not Android, Is Google’s Future

I had an experience recently where the power went out where I live. This power outage affected a major power source for the cellular service provider data towers, so although I had cell service, I had no mobile data. Between having no mobile data and my power being off, which knocked out my DSL connection, I was literally without the Internet. It was at that time I realized that without the Internet, my notebook was basically a paperweight. Of course that’s not completely true but everything I needed to do in that moment required the Internet.

This is exactly the reason why something like Chrome OS will fly. Everything we do requires the internet. The only thing I do without the internet is reading and writing (in markdown), but I send it to my Dropbox as soon as I am online. It is for this reason that I don’t care anymore which laptop is on my lap. It is just a dumb terminal.