Ronny Lam


More Apple News, Updated and Smaller iPads

Thank God I don’t need to have the newest Apple hardware. I have an iPhone 3gs and my wife has the first iPad.

iPad 4

I know a lot of people that just bought a new iPad 3 and were very happy with it, until today. Because the thing is outdated. Who saw that one coming in all the Apple rumors? The choice for updating the iPad to a fourth generation is logical, but I really didn’t expect it today. It now sports the lightning connector and the faster A6x processor, so that the gap with the iPhone 5 isn’t that big anymore. I think we will see a lot of old iPad 3 “crap” on Ebay.

iPad Mini

What can I say? I like it. It is a bit expensive, but it looks nice and has decent hardware. It basically is a shrunken iPad 2 with a lightning connector. Compared to the other smaller tablets on the market they are largely overpriced, but Apple’s message is that they sell quality and don’t need to underprice their hardware to conquer the market. And I expect that they will sell a lot. Do I want one?

I think my choice will be the new Chromebook. In the Netherlands we have a saying that some things are neither fish, nor meat, and in my opinion that is true for any tablet, including Apple.

UPDATE: Tom Scholten pointed me to a post from 9to5mac claiming that Apple will exchange recently purchased iPad 3’s with an iPad 4. However, this is no global Apple policy but is determined on a per Apple Store basis and is based on the amount of damage the iPad 3 has. I have not seen this confirmed for the Amsterdam Store yet. Please let me know if that is the case.

UPDATE2: Sam Rijver has been in the Apple Store in Amsterdam and the store-manager confirmed to him that iPad 3’s bought in their store can be exchanged for iPad 4’s, within certain limits.