Ronny Lam


Surface With Windows RT Salesmen

Marco Arment walk into a new Microsoft Store with “Surface with Windows RT” launch:

The salesman launched into an elaborate pitch. He wasn’t a confident speaker, so the rote was obvious. I wanted to jump right in and start playing with the software, but the salesman kept butting in and driving “my” demo … I went to another Surface and was greeted by another salesman. He also aggressively demoed the tablet for me, not letting me take over for more than three seconds at a time. It was obvious that they had all had the same training and were instructed to hard-sell the same talking points. The pitches were aggressive, fast-paced, and competitively defensive: they often mentioned “other tablets” and didn’t let me forget which features were “not available on any other tablet”.

A great post which, not coincidentally, is not far from Sam Rijver’s story on Tablets Magazine. The most astonishing part though is the following:

I tried rotating the Surface. There was a long enough delay that I thought rotation just wasn’t supported, then it kicked in and the newly laid out screen just popped in. No transition, no animation. I switched to a different app and tried the same thing with the same results. Rotation was always slow and sloppy.

Bear in mind that this is a modern Operating System on modern hardware. I have read enough to not take this OS seriously.