Ronny Lam


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

A fairly positive review of the Kindle Paperwhite from The Gadgeteer:

For me the Paperwhite is the right size and weight, easily used for long reading sessions, even one handed. Long term the battery life will be the most interesting factor for me but based on the last couple of weeks it’s no worse than my Kindle Keyboard. One thing to mention here is that I’m fairly firmly entrenched in the Amazon “eco-system”.  If like me you’re predominantly a night reader and part of the Amazon system then I doubt you’ll have any regrets if you end up buying a Paperwhite. Don’t get me wrong though, even in daylight the built in light makes the text much crisper and clearer as well. And because it’s from Amazon, you know that if you do have any issues with it Amazon Customer Service will do their best to sort it out.

Amazon even introduced a new feature that I have never heard of before. Besides notes and clippings there is now the X-ray feature that show occurances of terms and words throughout the book in a clickable list.

Kindle X-ray Source: The Gadgeteer