Ronny Lam


Is Intel Losing It From ARM?

Let’s say it’s 2002 and you’re pondering your investments. You’ve got a few hundred dollars to throw around, and so you invest in some high-tech companies.

Your $100 in IBM is now $245 – nicely done. Your $100 in Oracle is now $315; no complaints there. Your Intel investment didn’t do so well; it’s worth just $107 now. But ARM more than made up for your bad choice with Intel, because that $100 is now worth $1200. That’s right, ARM up 1100%, Intel up 7%.

The enormous growth in mobile computing is making the market for ARM grow, while Intel is losing it. ARM is doing very cool stuff in this space, like big.LITTLE processing, whereas Intel has a hard time to save some heat and power.

Another trend to watch in the near future.