Ronny Lam


EMA About the Great SDN Divide

EMA is looking forward to 2013 and what that will mean to SDN. If, when and how it will fit into our networks. EMA is looking at it from the management perspective and I do agree with them that SDN is not yet making network management simpler. 2013 will indeed be the buzz for SDN, just like cloud is now.

At the end of the day, I just do not see these two initiatives resolving themselves into a single clean cohesive solution, but rather fragmenting along the way drawing into question both scalability and interoperability of these approaches as they mature. This is about making existing infrastructure more flexible and adaptive and at the very least both initiatives address it in their own way. It hearkens a change to the status quo, but whether for the better or worse in the near term it is hard to say. In any case, networking remains a hot topic and SDN will be the buzz for 2013.