Ronny Lam


Google+ on the iPad Is Really Bad

I am using my new iPad mini for about a week now. This is my first iPad ever, because I have them running in my family and do support them in other ways, I found the size of the iPad too big. So until the form-factor of the iPad mini I was always using a laptop, Chromebook most of the time, and my iPhone.

The mini rocks. The form-factor is great, but I also find iOS on the iPad great. It feels different from the iPhone in the sense that it is more laptop-like. Although I was an iPad hater, I am now totally on the other side. I love the device and think that most of the time it could replace my laptop.

Google+ has made a great start for me in the beginning. I really liked the app on iOS, where you could skim quickly through the messages. But at some time they built the app more around the exchange of photos and other multi-media stuff. That was a good reason for me to not have Google+ on the road anymore.

Now with my new iPad I gave Google+ another try, and came to the conclusion that it is really bad. Even more bad than when I last saw it months ago. The interface with sliding in cards feels utterly wrong. And the worst part is when you compose a new message or comment on something.

Apple has written some good UX-guidelines and it seems like Google is ignoring all of them. I don’t hate Google and to some extent I like Google+, but if Google wants to do it the Google way let them do it to Android and throw that down the drain.