Ronny Lam


Update: Gmail iOS App 2.0

After only one day I deleted the Gmail app and went back to Switching between accounts was annoying, the unread mail count on the app didn’t go away, even after all mail was read, there were no big features which are not in, but the biggest thing was…

The app was terribly slow on my mobile connection. I could not skim through my mail without having to wait a lot. Combined with the account switching problem this was un-doable. During my train-ride I enabled already and because I hate redundant apps I removed Gmail completely.

If I really need to do something like searching in my mail archive, I will go to the splendid web interface anyway. So, that makes it the second un-acceptable iOS app from Google. Which one is next? YouTube? I installed it, but did not have the time to play with it. I’ll keep you posted again.